Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Falling on the 15th of every eighth lunar month is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, which I like to equate to the Asian version of Thanksgiving. Families get together for reunions and enjoy each other’s company. Tonight is the best time to go outside and gaze at the moon, which should be at the epitome of full, round, perfection.

And eat mooncakes too, of course. (My favorite fillings are taro, green tea, and double egg yolk!)

To commemorate the occasion, I doodled a copy of an online sketch featuring Chang’E, Goddess of the Moon.

Drawn with OMAS Extra Lucens (F) using Diamine Tchaikovsky ink.
Drawn with OMAS Extra Lucens (F nib) using Diamine Tchaikovsky ink.

Now if only I could afford the A.P. Limited Edition Mystical Moon Goddess fountain pen…then things would be absolutely divine. There’s a fountain pen for every occasion, I swear….


Looking at the pen pictures, I’m pretty sure they based their design off the sketch in this Chinese Wikipedia article (my doodle source):

It’s very similar, yes?


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