Proactive Prompting

I’m a bit of a minority in my social circle since I’m an FP addict. Oh sure, I’ve wheedled convinced a few friends into trying them out, and a few more now use Platinum Preppys or Pilot Varsities alongside their usual lineup, but try talking to them about nib widths and paper and you’ll start getting glazed looks…

*sobs*( TДT)

Ahem. Anyways…!

That’s why I take my love of pens online, where I can rant to my heart’s content and even find readers for my efforts. Yayness. Still though, this little blog is pretty haphazard and that bothers my meticulously-ordered-and-detail-oriented side.

You know, the one that says to keep all the silver ties on the neck of Iroshizuku bottles ’cause they’re so pretty even though I have to keep retying the little bows after every refill.


Or the one that makes me cut and reuse lined backing paper with my blank journals so I don’t accidentally write crooked.


Or the one that gets a little miffed when my lowercase “r”s don’t end up having those pretty loops ’cause I rushed through my cursive handwriting.


Small things like that. So I’ve decided to do some virtual organizing!

There are a plethora of pen blogs on the web, each with its own unique focus. Some specialize in vintage pen restoration, others in writing up pen/paper/ink reviews, still others in plentiful postings of praiseworthy pen & paper photography.

Well, I’m terrible at taking things apart (much less putting them back together), too busy to be a regular reviewer, and the best camera I have on hand is my iPhone. What I can do is write—and rave—on and on about pens. So I’ll do that instead, because I like writing stories and reading them, and snatching these snippets out of my head and onto this screen is the best way to share them with fellow pen enthusiasts.

There’s that tried and true saying about people asking a penny for your thoughts. I’ll be throwing around my two cents’ worth in the future, under the Personal Penny heading because it sounds cooler that way. Actually, I’ve written pen-related babbles a few times in the past, but it should be easier to find them from now on under a uniform tag. Basically it’ll be longer blog posts with more pictures and more introspection on all things pen-related. O joy of joys! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

Now to round out the post with a gratuitous pen photo!

Why yes, I do use my Nakaya pen kimono for my Danitrio Short Octagon. Because Danis are my babies and my Nakaya Briarwood is tough enough to survive without it. Siblings should share even if they’re pens, y’know!

By the way, if there are any more budding fountain pen fans out there waiting to take the dip—do it! And then tell me all about it. And for those trying to convince friends to join in the party: bribe ’em with free ink refills. Diamine Schubert made it irresistible for one of mine. 😉


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