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Pearls Before Mina

(The title makes sense in context, I swear.)

So, earlier this May I contacted Ernest Shin of Hakumin Urushi Kobo to make me a customized Edison Extended Mina in urushi with a maki-e cloud and lotus design I drew up.

The thing is, urushi pens take months to finish, because the coating takes so long to dry between applications. And that’s only counting those pens without any designs on them. Last time I checked in with Ernest (back in the beginning of November), the pen was still undergoing its preliminary stages of urushi coating….which means it’ll probably be at least a year before I see my customized baby. (Ah, maybe by December 2014 if I’m lucky?)

That’s actually okay, though the waiting period does inspire boredom at times…boredom that prompts me to Google images and pen reviews and what have you nots. So a few weeks back, I decided that the Edison Pearl would make a good canvas for maki-e too, and starting doodling more pen designs for fun.

Of course, I’m not going to jump in and order another customized urushi pen so soon—my wallet will murder me, and I don’t want to jump the gun before I try out my Mina (which is my first ever Edison purchase, btw). But I like doodling, and I like pens, so here’s a selection of my funky drawings. Who knows? Maybe they’ll inspire someone else to order a pen so I can see the results. I can’t own all of these Pearls, after all…




Hmm, I think the one with three fans as a design has some real potential!