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New Pen, Old Ink

Well, not really old…I got my Diamine Music Set from Vanness Pens online when they were having a major ink sale last December…but I’ve rarely used its lovely, lovely inks since then.

The other day I paired Diamine Handel (which is like a lush, more purply-Yama-budo with blue-green sheen) with a new acquisition, a Danitrio Sho-Hakkaku with a dazzling maki-e finish. They make a perfect couple together—that subtle blend of elegance and richness that I can describe as a sort of delightful divinity.

I’ve been too busy these past few months to write much, and will likely continue that trend for some weeks to come, so just a picture will have to do for now.

Someday, I dream of using up a week’s or so worth of time to fountain-pen-blog my heart out. Til then, I leave you with fanciful figments of my fickle ambitions. 😉