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Takumi-san is sick.

I bought him brand new from a sale and wrote with him for a while, falling in love with the expressively soft EEF nib and shiny maki-e finish…

Everything seemed all right at first, until he started skipping ink. I remembering this happening in my old Danitrio (which I sold), so I went online and researched. It turns out adding a little ball inside the convertor to break up surface tension (and using wetter ink) was all I needed to do to keep flow going.

All’s well that ends well, right?

Well, there was something strange about the ink. Every time I unscrewed the barrel, I would see beads of ink sticking to the sides of the convertor. The OUTSIDES, mind you, where they would drip onto the paper and get all over my fingers if I wasn’t careful.

That wasn’t regular ink behavior.

So I switched to a backup Danitrio convertor. Same problem.

I tried an international cartridge next. Still leaking.

What was going on?

Last night, I finally had enough time to take my Takumi-san to the sink for a thorough washing. And what do I find when I return to my room, intent on drying him off?

Water pooling along the side of the nib housing unit. Perhaps this was the source of those leaks? And then I looked inside….

..and saw a crack. A distressing, long, wide-enough-to-be-seen-with-the-bare-eyes crack, right along the diameter at the base of the nib housing unit.

Strangely enough, while the majority of the crack is on the right side, the place where water is pooling is on the left. Does this mean I have 2 cracks in the nib housing unit?

And if this wasn’t bad enough, I noticed that my clip was a little crooked. So I looked closer and found….

Another crack. A tiny one, barely perceptible, at the top of the clip, upper right hand corner. I would have missed it entirely if ink hadn’t seeped in it during the flushing process. You can barely make it out in the picture above.

So in conclusion, Takumi-san is sick. And I am too—sick at heart, because this is only the second Danitrio I’ve purchased, and it’s been the second one with an issue.

Maybe I should have just looked to Nakaya for my urushi fountain pens, but….

I still really, really like Danitrio’s soft EEF nibs…