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Playing with My Pilot Metropolitan

Another one of these iPhone picture posts. This is one time when I’m glad I bought all the hype surrounding a fountain pen enough to get my own.

The Pilot Metropolitan has a nice, firm, delightfully smooth nib that sings. Four out of four ancient Chinese beauties agree—using this pen will make you look good, and how. 😉

The White Tiger body is my favorite, because it’s sleek and shiny while also being ink-resistant—the body has some sort of satiny metallic finish that repels ink while giving the pen a nice, hefty weight. It’s comfortably chubby, and the length + balance is good posted and unposted.

I actually got one originally for Dearest to start him on FPs, before I fell in love inadvertently and had to get another for myself, ahehehe. It is just that good—solid-construction, smooth-writing, quick-starting and slow-drying. (Okay, maybe the ink has something more to do with those last two but the point is, I like this pen a lot and it competes with all the pens in my daily carry for Writer’s Pet!)


Shame the default black ink cartridge likes to feather on cheap papers, though. But that’s why we buy our own ink refills, mm? 😀


Market Economy

Been on a selling and buying streak lately…

Selling old pens and ink I don’t use anymore…

Buying new pens and ink to fill up the gaps…

Sending off that vintage Pilot for ink sac repair….

Will see a new revolution in my pens & ink setup soon, methinks. How very exciting.

To commemorate, posting a picture here that I’ve posted on FPN before, just because it has one of my sold-off inks (Diamine Midnight).