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Staples Composition Book – Brazil

It’s true what they say about Brazilian paper—it’s surprisingly fountain pen ink friendly! Only minimal bleed through here and no feathering with this $3 composition book I got from Staples.

I wished it was more like Bagasse/Sugarcane though, since ink on that sheens like crazy. But for this price point I’m more than satisfied.

Pictures speak louder than words so I’ll have them be the evidence below.

Front and back covers of the composition, with the happy “Made on Brazil” logo that caught my attention:



Here is the bulk of my writing samples with front and back samples. The Yama-budo bled the most because the OMAS was my wettest writer; I suspect B nibs would have similar troubles with this paper. Semi-incoherent rants of love for paper outline the review in gold gel pen, teeheehee.





Obligatory look into the front and back inside covers. These are pretty basic designs, featuring a schedule chart (so small you’d have to abbreviate anything to read it), map of time zones and tables of standard measurements.



The deal with the $0.25 ballpoint? I really did get one from a retro vending machine at an old-time government building. It writes…pretty well! And it’s my pen of choice to lend to friends since I hoard my fountain pens more than Smaug and his pile of bling. XP