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The Emperor’s Pen

It’s funny how many more details you can pick up from movies after getting into fountain pens—and stationery in general.

Caught The Emperor’s Club recently and couldn’t keep my eyes off the pens in the movie.

I find it notable that Sedgewick Bell wrote his essays with what looked like a cheap disposable Bic ink stick. *cough* Seems like a proper reflection of his moral quality.*cough*

Definitely stood out from the other pens used by students. Sad to say those looked like rollerballs and ballpoints though. The points weren’t pointy enough to resemble fountain pens. Eh.

The highlight of the movie would definitely be when Mr Hundert is trying to write his book on Rome while combating writer’s block. From the three seconds of screen time, I judged that he was using a green-striped Pelikan Souveran. Can’t tell whether it was an M400 or M800—it looked too small for his hands, but too thick for the smaller sized Pelikans.

I like that he’s a Pelikan kind of teacher! Though his writing style baffles me—a mix of Gothic and Italic characters that tilt every which way. (Funny how he doesn’t just used Roman roundhand since he’s a teacher of the Classics, lol. Okay, okay, bad pun I know.) I’m guessing they had different people write different portions of his notes. His writing certainly has character!

Oh, and the movie was pretty good, too. The feelz, mah friends. The FEELZ.


It’s too cold to type…

I’d rather cuddle up with a nice blanket, my favorite fountain pen and notebook, and sip from my mug of warm red bean milk. Ahhhh….


Written with a Pelikan M200 White Tortoise with a M/F steel nib.
Written with a Pelikan M200 White Tortoise with a M/F steel nib.

Hey! Now I want some roasted chestnuts!